ToDo app with HTML5 localStorage

Here‘s a simple todo app I did with html5 localstorage. It saves todo items in your browser. The app needs more features like editing the list etc. Hoping to add them soon.

Just type what you have to do in the box and hit enter to save. Can mark them as done by clicking the tick icon in the middle of the item. Yeah the icon is too small. Let me know if you have any suggestions


Update: Added functionality to edit the list by double clicking it . It’s still kinda buggy

Update 2: Added application icon for Google chrome application shortcuts. If you save the ToDo5 tab using ‘Create Application shortcuts..’ in Google chrome it will add a nice apple style icon to the desktop, so the ToDo5 app can be used as a separate application.

Update 3: Can add colors to tasks now! To make the task red, task text#red Supports all html colors: red,green,blue etc.

19 thoughts on “ToDo app with HTML5 localStorage

  1. Great Idea and Great simplistic implementation. The way to add items is very fast. You can do it with your eyes closed! I really like the Tick marks in the middle.

    Grays are too light though. is it #EAEAEA? I hv set my monitor to low contrast maybe that’s why. Darkness of “Add Item” is OK.

    You can add some animations for adding and deleting for fun! But personally I like the current simple approach.

    1. Its #eee. In some screens the text is almost invisible it seems. Have to change to #dd and see how it looks. For ‘Add Item’ text I’m using the all new awesome html5 placeholder attribute for the input. Not sure abt controlling the color of it.

      For the animation I tried Zooming in text with fade out. Didn’t put it online. As u said simplicity for the win! Thinking about adding the animations as user option.

      Thanks for the comment man

  2. Excellent app !
    I don’t know how with keeping the simplicity, but maybe it could show a difference between done item and removed : it’s always cool to see things we’ve done 🙂

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. I’m planing to add server sync for the app. So I will have to store the ‘done’ items anyway. I have some ideas on doing this without changing look and feel of the app. Have to make it and see

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